Luther & Benchmark

The last 70 years have produced huge strides in alternative agricultural technology. Hydroponics has been a stand out achiever in this field but could never be considered the perfect solution. Though crop yields and presentation improved, nutritional values and secondary qualities – taste, smell, hardiness – diminished. Bioponics completes the cultivation equation to recreate the nutritive conditions of the best living loams. Bioponics is both a stand-alone growing science, and an extension of traditional inorganic methods.

Dr. Luther Thomas developed Bioponic technology over 50 years ago using his own biological protocols. A noted marine biologist, observations in the field gave rise to his ‘bio- ponic’ innovations. Luther noted that certain marine plants would not grow in artificial saltwater unless inoculated with seawater to provide necessary microorganisms to fix Nitrogen, stabilise pH, and stimulate biochemical systems common to both aquatic and terrestrial plants.

He next developed nutritive steeps using living micro- biologicals to infuse low-salt inorganic solutions with necessary organic complements. Luther wrote extensively on his methods and was without criticism from his scientific peer group. Though such strategies were and are still successfully used in commercial hydroponic and aquaponic cultivation, Luther knew there was a better way.

Benchmark and Luther’s collaboration began in 1990 and led to the technology of his choice. Low-salt steeps are inadequate for aggressive annuals and high-output fruiting crops. Only a concentrate with stable organic metabolites could keep pace. Luther again demonstrated his brilliance by identifying the specific metabolite type and range preferred by such varieties in living soils. By late 1992 we had successfully trialled a commercial non-biological product that conforms to the formulation Luther considered the only bio-certain spectrum. His contention was that anything less was, in aggressive or commercial conditions, a compromise. Anything more was unnecessary to the crop or the grower’s pocket! ‘It’s about balance – you can’t just throw it all there,’ he would say, and he was right!

We brought the Luther’s-Choice range to market under the Bio-Mix brand in October of 1992. We’ve perfected it over decades and the Luther’s-Choice range remains the clear champion in field trials and home gardens throughout Australia – and you don’t need a science degree to use it! We use the finest constituents, both organic and inorganic, and have refined manufacturing protocols to guarantee quality and performance. We use no Chemical Plant Regulators in any of our products and rely on Dr. Thomas’ sound science to nourish your crop to fantastic quality and yields.

Though Luther left us in 2002, his work influences modern farming to this day. Our Luther’s-Choice range is the only licensed available brand to represent the best of his many achievements.