Bioponics - The Facts!

The Bioponic method, in one form or another, has enjoyed proven results in a number of countries since Luther Thomas began publishing his findings in the early 1970’s. It exists in two forms – biological steeps, and metabolite enriched high-salt concentrates. Both types utilise the scientific disciplines of microbiology, enzymology, organic and inorganic chemistry, and biogeochemistry to define and refine their method, and their classification.

Other bio systems exist, but they are not Bioponic. Nowadays the term Bioponics has become confused with everything from aquaponics to a host of embellished inorganics. These embellished inorganics, or other bio systems, contain random growth regulators and generally target primary plant pathways. Often, the near- chemistry set array of constituents only tax your crop's endurance, and your pocket. Sure, they certainly improve on inorganic alternatives, as blasting a barn door away eliminates the bullseye, but they all lack the Bioponic method’s marksmanship, and effectiveness.

Our Bioponic products belong in a unique category and alone conform to Luther’s high-salt Bioponic prescriptions and your crop’s symbiotic needs. Our Bioponic technology specifically eliminates secondary metabolic deficiencies such as tasteless, odourless plants with reduced metabolic resistance to insect, fungal, and bacterial attack. Our formulations alone guarantee biomass and weight in flowers, and nutrition and flavour in vegetables and fruits, without the use of expensive substitutes and chemical plant growth regulators.

Our Bioponic products alone specifically supplement necessary primary and secondary plant processes – the Carbohydrate Metabolism, Aromatic Metabolism, Phenolic Metabolism, Transmission Reaction, Flavinoid Production, Purine Metabolism, Pyrimidine Metabolism, Biosynthesis Pathway, Alkaloid Pathway – to not only outperform the rest but also restore vigour to ‘tired lines’ by repairing biogenetic pathways crop after crop. By exactly reproducing the organic profile and quality of living loams, our Bioponic technology wastes nothing, doesn’t tax your pocket or your plants and, by allowing plants to finally grow themselves, greatly reduces your workload and margins for error.

So, with an absence of CPRs and a clutter of ‘organic’ substitutes, Benchmark’s Hydroponics nutrients are aggressive and obedient, and simple to use.